GM: Mary Harbaugh

More RPGs, this time from totally brilliant Mary Harbaugh whom you may also know as the RPG Coordinator from SCARAB.

The Reunion – Little Fears

Saturday 6p-10p for ages Teen+

What if all the monsters that you were afraid of as a child were real? Little Fears lets you play children fighting against the things that go bump in the night with only the power of your imagination to protect you. In this session, all of the cousins are ready for old-fashioned fun at the Bell Family Reunion on Uncle Jesse’s farm.

Little do they know that something sinister is waiting for them in the barns and fields. When Uncle Jesse goes missing, the reunion takes a dark turn, and the farm won’t be safe unless the cousins can uncover a family secret and settle an old score.

The Train Job II – Firefly (Cortex Plus)

Sunday 9a-1p for all ages

The legend of how the crew of Serenity robbed an Alliance train has reached all corners of the ‘verse. If they can do it, why not you? Just don’t expect everything to go smooth.

This game uses the Cortex Plus system from Margaret Weis Productions.

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