SushCon on

We know it is only a short time before the event, but we have established a new ShushCon registration site. We are in the process of converting event and game registration to from Warhorn and our Google Forms. If you already pre-registered through our google form, we'll still need you to do so … Continue reading SushCon on

ShushCon 2020 Event Submission

ShushCon loves bringing all these events to the Grand Strand community, and can use your help. Please check out our GM registration form if you haven’t already done so. Please try to get them submitted before the end of February - We are about to start our social media push showing off our GMs and special … Continue reading ShushCon 2020 Event Submission

ShushCon Parking!

We've got plenty of parking! People just don't always know where that is. Don't worry that the picture shows dirt where our parking lot should be. Google is just slow at updating satellite images and I don't have my drone license yet. It is paved. Honest.