GM: Lynn Theory

The delightful and entertaining Twitch-Streamer Lynn Theory is joining us to run a book-themed scenario. How library appropriate! Editorial Discretion Fate AcceleratedFriday 1p-5p All AgesUnbeknownst to most, books run on an operating system all their own. You are a part of an elite group sent in when there is an error in that system, causing … Continue reading GM: Lynn Theory

Special Guest: Stephanie Frey

We are absolutely thrilled to have Stephanie Frey back in town for ShushCon! In addition to her other activities around the con, like getting to play some games, she's also running some stuff for us! Doki Doki Dread Club –  Dread Saturday 6p-10p Adults Only You've been invited to join your college's literature club! And … Continue reading Special Guest: Stephanie Frey