GM: Michelle Chavez

Cloud Dungeon Saturday 6p-10p All Ages Head to the Cloud Dungeon to seek fortune, glory and maybe a little bit of mischief. Cloud Dungeon is a DIY Paper Craft Dungeon where players create their characters, modifying them as they go. ShushCon is a games and geekery convention March 22 – 24, 2019 at the Waccamaw Neck … Continue reading GM: Michelle Chavez

GM: GM: Sam Nelms

Friday 1p – 5p Colonist Conundrum – Bottery Life You are one of several maintenance and service bots on a passenger ship on it's way to a newly established colony beyond our solar system when main power goes out. Running on your backup battery power, your team needs to figure out the cause of the … Continue reading GM: GM: Sam Nelms

Pathfinder & Starfinder with Matt Polkowsky

The Pathfinder Society, and the related Starfinder Society, are some of the most successful organized play games in the world. SCARAB GM Matt Polkowsky brings a trio of events designed to introduce new players to the Society structure, and new worlds of adventure. Pathfinder Society Quest - Silverhex Chronicles Pathfinder 1st Edition Friday 4-9  All … Continue reading Pathfinder & Starfinder with Matt Polkowsky