ShushCon 2022 Event Submissions.

ShushCon loves bringing all these events to the Grand Strand community, and can use your help.

Folks who submit events prior to the March 14th deadline, and show up to run them will get a token of our appreciation.

If you have already had registered for the convention you may submit events at our Tabletop Events page.

If you would rather submit your events through our old google event submission form you may do so here. It will just take longer for the events to show up on the site.

To guarantee your events are added to the page before the event please try to get them submitted before March 14th – We are about to start our social media push showing off our GMs and special events.

If you have already signed up to run games please let us know if you have not received an email confirmation for your sessions.

 What are we looking for? 

Well, we are excited to have you run whatever you’ll have the most fun organizing, be it RPGs, board games, miniatures games, CCGs, escape rooms, or even a LARP; whatever interests you.  However in addition to our normal games and activities we do have two tracks we’d really like to offer this year; Short Session Games, and games for kids under the age of 10. See Below for more details. 

Short Sessions – games taking less than an hour

Unlike many conventions ShushCon gets a great deal of “walk-in” traffic from gamers passing through who didn’t even know there was an event happening. We’d love it if library patrons and convention attendees could show up and jump into a game at any time, without waiting on the next four hour time slot to start or worrying about missing the next round of activities. To that end we’d like to have a table of RPGs and a table of fast board and card board games where folks can demo some of our quick games and get in on the action.

Short Sessions  – Board and Card Games

The ideal short session board and card games are games that can be explained quickly and last less than half an hour. Bonus points if they are attention grabbing or were donated to the library collection this year, or are part of whatever play-to-win offerings we have. But don’t fret about that, run what you find interesting.

Short Sessions – RPGs

Plan on each session being between 20 minutes and an hour, where you teach the system and run one or two encounters. Players don’t need to know all of the rules at the end of the session but they should have a general idea about how the game works. Focus on speed of resolution, and big bold actions. This is the perfect opportunity to recruit players by demoing a game that you’ll be a running a full session for later in the convention. If every RPG GM ran a short session or two we’d have a wonderful schedule to offer our patrons.

Please don’t feel obligated to run a short session if that isn’t of interest to you; run whatever games you are excited about, in short or long form. Our short sessions are just an attempt to make the event more immediately interesting for folks who arrive at an odd time, or for patrons wandering through the library and wondering what this gaming thing is all about.

Kids Track

We are absolutely thrilled that so many families join us for ShushCon every year. This year we are going to have a big bucket of Lego for the kids, and we’d also love to offer a table of suitably entertaining activities like crafts, Tea Dueling, or wildly interactive games. We’ve had requests for papercraft games like Cloud Dungeon and ExSpelled, but traditional RPGs, or board games, would be great as well. We also have access to several kid friendly escape rooms, so let us know if you’d like to run one of those .

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