ShushCon’19 Starts Friday!

We have an exciting weekend of games coming up, and it is our attendees you who make it a success.

When you arrive grab your name badge/button off of the wall and sign in. If you know you are going to attend multiple days, feel free to note that on the sign in sheet instead of checking in each day.  When you sign in for the first time please don’t forget to grab your ShushCon’19 Coin.

Social Media

Please tag your social media posts with #ShushCon, and let folks know you are attending.

We have created a folder ShushCon Facebook Group  where  you can upload appropriate pictures.


If you are looking for dining options in the area Jimmy Johns, Hanser House, J. Peters, Massey’s, and Quigley’s Pint & Plate, are offering ShushCon attendees a discount. Check near the sign-in and badge display for the daily coupon. Yes, there is a different coupon each day, but no coupon is needed for Jimmy Johns.


We have multiple overflow parking options available, however please don’t park in the fire station parking lot.

Table Top Games

The board and card games in the Teen Room are available for play on premises, they are not circulating copies and should be left in the library. There will be a check-out sheet posted, please fill that out. If a game you would like to play has a destructible component, like the Exit Games or a legacy style game, please check with convention staff before destroying any game elements.

Space will be provided on the large sideboard for attendees to put games available for play. Games not available for use by other patrons should be kept in vehicles when possible, or in bags. Please do not take up space on other tables unless absolutely necessary.

RPGs and Special Events

We recommend arriving to your session 5-10 minutes early. Patrons arriving late may find their seat has been given to another attendee. GMs should arrive 15 minutes early.

Video Games

This year we will have our Xbox One and PS4 video game collections available to play for most of the event. The video game room opens at 9am Saturday and Sunday, and at 2pm on Friday. If the room is unstaffed you are able to use the video game machines, just please remember only library staff or authorized volunteers are allowed to touch the game discs.

We will have our virtual reality rigs available for much of the event as well. Attendees must be 13 or older to use library VR equipment, attendees between the ages of 10 and 12 may play VR games if a guardian is present and observing while equipment is in use. Nobody under the age of 10 may utilize VR equipment.

Story Games Workshop

If you are a librarian, teacher, or other educator attending the Story Games Workshop, on Friday March 22nd, we have added another event to the schedule. The Workshop is now starting at 9am Friday with an introduction to VR games and equipment.  We will still break before 1:00 for lunch at Quigley’s.

We look forward to playing with you this weekend!

Donald Dennis

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