RPG Pharaoh’s Challenge

The RPG Pharaoh’s Challenge returns once again to ShushCon! Four Game Masters will compete for the title (and other prizes) in this competition of GMing skill and (as in some cases) player wrangling.

Competitors will receive the gaming system Saturday, March 23rd, and then at noon they will be given their random elements to create a gaming scenario to run at 1pm. That’s one-hour to prepare a game to run!
The GMs will be judged on how well they convey the system’s rules to their players, how well they incorporate their random elements, and how well they react to what their players throw at them.

Guest judges, “The Hands of the Pharaoh” will include Jon “the Kobold Dude” Maness of SwarmCast Podcast and SCARAB Gaming Con infamy; Ruby “Get Off My Lawn” Jones also of SwarmCast Podcast and SCARAB fame; Tim “the Inevitable” Martin of SwarmCast GFAW and GMing notoriety; and last year’s ShushCon RPG Pharaoh’s Challenge winner Chris “Why Do I Need a Nickname” Bell.

Register to be a Pharaoh’s Challenge GM by emailing: swarmcastpodcast@gmail.com(Preference will be given to GMs running other sessions at ShushCon,)

But wait! Players participating in the Pharaoh’s Challenge will get to experience a game unlike anything they’ve ever encountered and will also have a chance to win the “Golden Dingus”* or “Lime-Green McGuffin.”**

ShushCon is a games and geekery convention March 22 – 24, 2019 at the Waccamaw Neck Branch Library in Pawleys Island, SC.

*Gold Dingus may or may not contain actual gold.
**Not to be confused with “Glazed McGuffin” snacks.
***Needless Footnote.

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